The designers at Birchwood Gardens believe that almost every one of our projects should begin with a well thought out design, that’s why we will create a design that fits your needs and wants, which will work for you and your property.  First we need to gather information about your tastes and lifestyle, your homes unique characteristics, plant preferences, how much you entertain, and your budget, not only this year but a long term budget.

Next we need to gather site inforamtion, which includes a plat of survey, existing plant material, traffic flows, views, whether they are good or bad. We also look at aesthetics of both your home and neighborhood. Third, we start to create drawings; the first one is a base plan is a scaled drawing, with your home, property lines, and any pre-existing elements. Next, we will create conceptual plans, kind of a rough draft of your master plan. The conceptual plans will consist of quick sketches of you property with different layouts and styles of landscapes.  At that point we will pick one of these drawings or take specific elements out of each one of those plans, to create your master plan. Then, we will select specific varieties of plants and types of hardscape materials that fit your project.

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